Dax Pomade Vegetable Oils 14oz

Dax Pomade Vegetable Oils 14oz

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DAX Pomade is ideal for dry and brittle hair that breaks at the ends.  Enriched with a mixture of oils, daily application will improve the overall condition and appearance of the hair. 

Highly recommended for hair that breaks at the extremes of excessive dryness.


  • Improves moisture retention, resulting in softer and softer hair.
  • Helps minimize frizz, improve curl and add shine.
  • Excellent natural conditioner that helps with hair growth and adds shine.
  • Helps improve the health and vitality of your hair. Natural hair
  • Natural conditioner contains Omega-9 fatty acids that help nourish the hair and prevent dryness


Apply the desired amount on dry hair and / or scalp. It can be applied to wet hair for greater control of frizz. Work through the hair with your fingers or comb through depending on the desired style.

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