Our Story

If you haven’t heard about SPOT OF GLAM yet you’re missing out! SPOT OF GLAM is the latest retail destination to hit the high street!

Located in Birmingham, West Midlands, you’ll be able to find your hair and beauty essentials from a range of well known brands.

SPOT OF GLAM isn’t your typical hair shop - you can also get your beauty treatments done under one roof including waxing, threading, lash/brows and facials.

We love giving our community opportunities to learn and discover more about hair and beauty, thats why we create memorable moments by hosting events and workshops so you can expect to see a lot more brand activities this year.

Customers always tell us how much of a difference they feel shopping with us. We’ve created an environment where customers feel comfortable, and they really do value and appreciate the product suggestions and recommendations we can give to meet their hair concerns, leading to healthier, lovable hair. We have a lot planned for the rest of the year so be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay informed - @spotofglam


Where's your favourite product?

You most likely already have a product favourite that you use on a regular basis. No problem - let us know if you don't see it and we'll add it to our product offering.​

In the meantime, explore the options we do have as you just might be pleasantly surprised. That's the beauty of haircare. Allow yourself to try a variety of products until you find the right product selection suitable to your hair needs.

Here to help

If you're a haircare advocate, you'll know a thing or two about the basic fundamentals of caring for your hair. If you're not and haven't a clue where to start, we're gladly here to help guide you.

Hair care is a journey, and our aim is to give you the confidence to successfully achieve your hair goals. Healthy hair first, always.

Our inbox is always open, get in touch for advice without judgement, so you too can start your healthy hair journey.

Email info@spotofglam.co.uk